The Art Vacancy

630 Flushing Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11206

A multidisciplinary group exhibition that reimagines societal norms through abstract and surreal introspection. Uncontroversial and easily accepted patterns of behavior and thought surround us every moment of our lives. The most defiant self-expression occurs when norms are shattered. Conceal/Reveal seeks to unearth the nonconforming and unethical, the peculiar and strange, the seemingly unjust and unfair, the absurd and wholly inconceivable. Everything, so long as it’s not the norm.

*slated for summer/fall 2023

About the Exhibition

Participating artists include ChaeWon Moon, Elizabeth Tolson, Ellen (Jing) Xu, Hank Ehrenfried, Jean Oh, Jiwon Rhie, Mathilde van Nuffel d’Heynsbroeck, Bjorn Amelan, Sei Smith, William Victorino, Andrew Herzog, and Eric Thornton.