6/1/23 - 6/9/23

The Art Vacancy

35 Meadow Street Brooklyn NY

About the Exhibition

TAV is pleased to present Andrew Herzog’s inaugural solo exhibition, Eremocene, curated by Sáng Huynh.

Opening reception: Thursday, 6/1, 6 – 9 pm

Herzog’s new collection of paintings represents a convergence of several bodies of work that center on two things we can’t get back: time and natural resources. The scientist E.O. Wilson has argued that if we don’t change the way we live, in the not-too-distant future, we will leave behind the Anthropocene and enter the Eremocene, the Age of Loneliness, an epoch marked by existential and material isolation on the planet resulting from humans having extinguished so many other forms of life. In the present, we live in a time when Western culture’s cumulative capitalistic actions, predicated on the foresight of human timescales, and the consequences of those actions, are coming to bear in front of our eyes. This body of work utilizes geological timescales. Instead of decades and centuries, rocks are measured in hundreds of thousands and millions of years offering a simultaneous view of the past and future now.