Sáng Huynh

Director, Founder

Sáng Huynh is a curator currently based in Paris, with a deep appreciation for all artistic disciplines. Sáng’s lifelong fascination with the relationship between art and psychology inspired her practice in painting, photography, and curation. She has nurtured her intimate understanding of art, design, and the human experience by immersing herself in curatorial practice for the past five years. Her increasing passion for the arts and unequivocal commitment to advocacy has led to her role as director at The Art Vacancy. Among her exhibition credits are Moments in Time (2019), Origins (2019), Measures (2018), The Next Gen: John Yuyi (2018), Passion Vs. Pragmatism (2017), and Máu Xanh: The Blue Series (2015). She also served as co-curator for Architecture and Abandon (2015), alongside renowned graffiti writer, Adam Stab.

Cindy Huynh

Marketing Manager

Cindy Huynh is a Maryland based illustrator and photographer. She centers her artwork around character design and the creation of illustrated stories. Her photography shines the spotlight on small acts of daily life, capturing intimate moments she shares amongst her close peers. Currently enrolled at McDaniel College as a film major, Cindy embraces art in many facets of her life. She is The Art Vacancy’s Marketing Manager.

Sequoia Douglas

Community Relations Manager

Sequoia Douglas is a multi-disciplinary creative based in New York City, with a unique background in art and fashion. Her academic background in International Communications equips her to connect with and uplift artists from all demographics to foster inclusivity in the arts. Sequoia has formed her expansive network by supporting the careers of international artists through invaluable collaborations and mentorships. Her commitment to unifying emerging artists in the global art market led her to her role as Community Relations Manager at The Art Vacancy.