Sáng Huynh

Director, Founder

Sáng Huynh is both an artist and curator based in Brooklyn, NY. Though her focus is photography, she has a deep appreciation for all disciplines. Huynh has an educational background in communication studies and art history. She has continued to nurture her critical understanding of interpersonal relations and human expression by immersing herself in curatorial practice. Among her exhibition credits are Measures (2018), The Next Gen: Catarina Mantero (2018), The Next Gen: John Yuyi (2018), Passion Vs. Pragmatism (2017), Máu Xanh: The Blue Series (2015), and Architecture and Abandon (2015). Her increasing passion for the arts and unequivocal commitment to advocacy has led to her role as director at The Art Vacancy.

Lindsey Puccio

Producer, Co-Founder

Lindsey Puccio is an artist and producer based in Brooklyn, although originally from Chicagoland. She works as an Associate Producer in broadcast advertising production in NYC. Puccio has had formal training in advertising, leadership, and art. A creative at heart, she is strongly driven by logic and efficiency. Puccio was a gallery associate for SITE 57 Gallery throughout 2017 and into 2018. Her role as producer for The Art Vacancy is strongly behind the scenes and focuses on the logistics behind all the events, exhibitions, and long term projects.

Ryan Desrosiers


Ryan Desrosiers is an artist who's focus is primarily in analog photography and digital videography. Though he is well versed in the arts, Desrosiers also has an educational background in Business Management and Economics. His infatuation for film processing and wet printing serves as a foundation for him to help individuals further their skills in analog photography at one of New York's most exclusive photography schools. His passion for production and advocacy has shaped his role as operations manager at The Art Vacancy where he oversees logistical duties and artist relations.

Catt Melendez


Catt Melendez is an artist, and art educator based in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a B.A. in Liberal Studies from California State University Monterey Bay, and an M.A. in Art Education from the City College of New York. In addition to teaching art at a NYC public school, Catt is a practicing artist whose most recent work involves a scope of mixed media approaches, encompassing painting, pen, collage and paper craft. Thematically, her work navigates concepts of feminism, sexuality, and identity, and the ways in which those concepts are celebrated and endured. An advocate for the arts in education and broadening access to the arts, Catt's role as Development Manager for The Art Vacancy focuses on expanding TAV's nonprofit sector in order to cultivate opportunities for TAV’s artists.

Jah-Leah Ellis


Jah-Leah Ellis is a mentor for the youth and an advocate for artists of color. Ellis attended college in Texas for communications and sports marketing before moving to Chicago where she hosted and performed at open mic events. Now based in New York, she is currently cultivating a unique platform for African American artists to distribute their work. Ellis’ experiences in interpersonal relations have paved the way for her position at The Art Vacancy, where she utilizes her marketing expertise on a larger scale.

Dennis Barrientos

Artist Relations

Dennis Barrientos is an artist with a remarkable background in innovative design and conceptual art. Currently based in New York, he provides advice, coaching, and design services to fellow creatives. Barrientos has an educational background in graphic design, and is now pursuing his studies in Architecture. Outside of his academic career, he studies and practices all forms of painting. His ardor for cultural and creative enrichment has led to his role at The Art Vacancy.

Alison Wynn

Social Impact

Alison Wynn is a fashion industry professional based in New York City. As an e-commerce manager, she is responsible for creating synergy between the creative and analytic. She has over four years of professional experience in brand development, editorial assistance, and retail/wholesale management. Wynn has a genuine interest in contributing to a community that cultivates original creative content. Her insight on web optimization and social media has fully equipped her for her role at The Art Vacancy as social impact coordinator.