Ilya Chaynikov

Ilya Chaynikov is a graduate of Stroganov Moscow State University of Arts and Industry and Domus Academy in Interior and Living design. Ilya is a designer working with a variety of mediums including hands sketches, 3D renderings, animation, and video.

Chaynikov started to explore his artistic side as a way of escaping reality routine. Occupying free time with art was the best way to clear and refresh his mind. Through time, daily portrait sketching transformed into cutting paper collages where he started expressing himself more.

"I never stop experimenting with the art that I do. The moment when I stop questioning myself and go the easier way, it gets boring for me and its almost impossible to get back on the right track."

As a step of a creative process paper collages evolved into digital art with a larger range of source material. Combining various products of photography referencing fashion, art and nature - Ilya likes to explore the human mind correlated with twisted relations between male and female qualities. Strength and weaknesses, sexuality of both genders, their similarities and differences. Experimenting with colors and shapes is a way to give new meaning to existing things in life. Through time, it showed that art is also a way to understand himself better.

"My art is my psychologist, it helps me and hopefully inspires others."