Introspective Sky

Sky is a conceptual and experimental visual artist from Oxon Hill, Maryland. As a storytelling multimedia artist, he currently operates in the fields of graphic design, video shooting, video editing, and digital photography.

Sky's conceptual work has recently accounted for several accomplishments including features in Hitlist Magazine, Coloredzine, and the artist branding platform Othxr. His work and services have also been hand-selected for galleries and events such as Urban Outfitter's "Dreamers and Doers MRKT Place" and "Home Show" where Lucky Number label indie-rock artist Darwin Deez was set to headline.

Being a believer of destined connectivity, Sky pulls a significant amount of influence from different aspects of his life including but not limited to: anime, video games, punk rock, and metal music. He feels most content when his work evokes, shakes, and stimulates thinking of the individuals who view it. Ultimately the resolve he holds for everything in life, is to abide true to the character that exists for enduring, amplifying, and remaining self-reflective.