Passion vs. Pragmatism

20180916 - 20180917


Ten Eyck Street Brooklyn, NY 11206

Passion vs. Pragmatism examines the similarities and differences in the lived experience of artists faced with the unending struggle of balance— balancing their creative impulses with the pressures to adhere to conventionality, to make do with the ordinary and the expected. The show examines the constant trials between artists’ id and their ego— the dreamer and the realist.

About the Exhibition

For our artists, this search for equilibrium is readily apparent in their work through the use of vibrant colors and subtle textures, lightness and darkness, the manipulation of shape and form, and space and balance. Our show brings together fifteen remarkable artists who epitomize the grit and resilience of the modern day creative.

“We are artists who are faced with the inundating struggle of balance. We want the space to embrace our creative impulses, but we feel the pressure to adhere to conventionality for us to survive. A constant battle between our id and our ego— the dreamer and the realist.”